Going back to time of Spartans…


Yesterday I watched the movie 300, and I thought I could write something about it. Actually I watched the DivX, not the DVD or in a theater. Yeah, I know what you thinking right now…It’s true that you can’t get the full enjoyment of a film like 300 without watching in a theater. But I couldn’t wait.. (But I’m pretty sure it won’t come to our cinemas)
Unlike other historical movies like Troy or Gladiator, 300 had completely made using the Blue Screen. All the backgrounds are computer generated. The story is framed by a voice-over narrative by the Spartan soldier Dilios. Because of this narrative technique and various fantastical creatures, 300 comes under the genre of historical fantasy.
Anyway what I felt when I was watching the movies ,is that I actually gone into the time of Spartans…Main factors leverage this was the CG backgrounds of prosperous corn fields , nice red and yellow sky, castles and environments like seen in fairytale books and of course, the well built Spartans with ‘6-pack’ in their stomachs 😉 .
The fighting scenes were marvelous. Especially the Matrix like slow motion and the poetic type motions of our Spartan heroes.
Ok…the bottom line is this is a great movie and you’ll enjoy it from start to end.

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