Ok the truth is I couldn’t wait to watch it, since I watched the trailer in Yahoo Movies. I remember got a ‘Japanese Transformer’ comic book when I was a kid and I’ve played with several Transformer toys (of course when I was a kid… 🙂 ).
So.. Right after a week the, movie came to MC Cinema; I gathered all my friends on last Tuesday (I really wanted to share the full enjoyment with my buddies) and went there at 6.30pm. There was a considerable queue at that time, so it was good idea to go earlier.
Anyhow I couldn’t find a seat in the center of the back rows- which is my favorite spot to enjoy movies.
Movie started at 7.30pm starting with a modified version of DreamWorks logo with a transformers robotic-voice. At beginning I was little bit worried with the sound, because compared to Savoy cinema, it had less quality DTS sound.
I heard that the Transformers has the record for longest rendering time for a frame, i.e. ~38hours.I was not amazed about that because the details of the robots were amazing. Fighting scene were Adrenalin pumping, and most of the crashes, stunts, blasts were done in real environment without using computer graphics because the director Michael Bay wanted to give the real thrill for the audience.
The story was ok; had the fun, humor, little bit of romance and LOTS of action. So it’s a well balanced movie to watch, enjoy and relax.
After the movie, all of my buddies accepted, that it was a great movie. I heard that there’s going to be two more sequels and now I’m waiting for hear any news about them…

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