Configuring CMake for QT development

I know how much its confusing  when you need to configure some new technologies for the first time.Its just , you know how everything works and connects ,but no idea about those little tricky stuff.

In this blog post I am going to write about how to configure QT  with CMake. I have uploaded a sample CMake project which will helpful for much clearer understanding.

Download sample project from :

Key points :

  • QT comes with its own build tool called “qmake”.So, for Cmake to utilize that , you need to add the folder where “qmake” locates to your PATH environment variable.

Here are important snippets from the CakeList.txt file of  the sample project.

  • – This will find QT library folder,header files..etc using `qmake` .

  • – This will include QT related header folders to the make file.

  • QT4_WRAP_CPP(myprj_moh_srcs ${myprj_moh_hdrs})
  • – This compiles QT related class headers with QT MOH compiler and generate standard C++ code.Technically any class which uses QTs signal slots (basically classes which inherits `QObjec`) should be passed to this.

  • QT4_ADD_RESOURCES(myprj_rccs_srcs ${myprj_rccs})
  • – This compiles `QT resource files` and wrap all resources into C++ header.This is useful if you want to embed your resources into the executable.

  • QT4_WRAP_UI(myprj_ui_hdrs ${myprj_uis})
  • – This compiles QT UI files into standard C++ code.QT UI files contain user designed interfaces using QT Creator or QT IDE plugins .(eg- QT Eclipse plugin)