Clean FTP library for Java – FTP4J

Recently I was been assigned to write a FTP layer for a project at work.It needed to be supported all the funky FTP stuff like active,passive mode all kind of proxies like FTP,HTTP,SOCKS…etc.

At first I was little worried cause even in Apache Commons Net, it doesn’t support clear architecture for all those weird FTP stuff.Then I came up with this library FTP4J which saved my life.

FTP4J is well designed and easy to use library and best thing is its open-source and comes with LGPL license.

4 thoughts on “Clean FTP library for Java – FTP4J

  1. Also I found difficulties when uploading files to yahoo ftp servers and there were several issues when connecting to ftp severs which does support REST command.

  2. I am not getting any help for ftp4j. Like sample codes or examples and one more thing.
    I think it doesn’t support SFTP at least I did not find any such class in the API…………

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