Buddhism – The ultimate truth of reality

Recently I’ve been reading about science behind Buddhism and ultimate reality.I thought it would be nice to blog some of few facts that I understood so far.

It is clear that recent researches and studies of modern science have revealed many great parallelisms between Buddhism and science. Especially with Quantum physics, which look at the universe and at the reality in a complete different perspective , scientists amazed that these new results show a great similarities with Buddhas teachings which had been taught over 2500 years ago.

One of the amazing discoveries that scientists have made was the emptiness in matters.By experiments like ‘double slit experiment ‘,it is concluded that fundamental particles are empty of inherent existence and exist in an undefined state of potentialities. They become ‘real’ when a mind interacts with them and give them a meaning. Whenever there is not mind there is no meaning or no reality.This quantum emptiness is similar to the Sunyata in Buddhism,which is discussed in ‘Prajna Paramita Hridaya Sutra.’

Above mentioned undefined state of potentialities behave as a field of energy. According to Quantum physics, this field is considered as the fundamental level of the universe , which is called ‘Quantum Field’ or ‘Unified Field’. It is considered that fluctuations of this field give rise to so called ‘Realities’.So according to that the ‘Reality’ that we live in, is just another one of infinite number of realities.

Quantum physics have changed the way we look at reality. It is amazed to see that almost every finding in Quantum mechanics has a connection with teaching in Buddhism.

But scienstists have lots of things to learn.I think Quantum physics is still in its child stage.There are infinite amount of pure knowledge that scientists can get from teachings of Lord Buddha – The greatest “Quantum Physicist” ever.

Following are few of selected sources which I found useful to anyone who’s interested :

  • Where Science and Buddhism Meet 1/2:


Great video, simply explain emptiness,interconnectivity and nature of reality.

  • Quantum Knowledge: Link
  • Every thought has a frequency : Link
  • Discovery of Unified Field : Link
  • Illusion of Reality : Link

12 thoughts on “Buddhism – The ultimate truth of reality

  1. The few things I have to say about your post is that.
    The scientific findings that man has made so far do not make other main stream religions (such as Muslim or Christianity) a fake. So you can’t come to a conclusion that Buddhism is the ultimate truth.
    The facts which are shown in all the above videos are so dense with theories of people but not actual findings.
    There is a saying that ‘IN THEORY, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.’
    Think of how many theories that you have come across in your life
    Theory of evolution , Big bang theory etc … all has some proving facts and helps to build assumptions of future. Even there are disproving facts. Some are seen in the early stage and some are found later as your knowledge grows.
    Further I say .. Controlling is a myth. If YOU.. only YOU can control your self (not Loard Budda, Some one in India , not your neighbor ) 100% you would not be the person you are now. So don’t follow a myth !
    So don’t worship trees. Don’t worship pieces of bone or tooth Saying that it is according to science. Science is merely a very poor tool man has created for his survival. It is not the ultimate truth.

  2. If you want to know how confused you are or how lost you are your belief. Read the following article. As Sri Lankans most of us are expose to only one part of the story search only stuff that support your belief . Be open minded. Well I don’t have to say more …the article explains everything ..


  3. Everything is in the mind, but rap your mind around this one; If everything is in the mind, then so is the mind its self, so that proves that all that we are is not a result of the mind and that everything is a result of an ultimate mind; God. Say you have a dream about being a lesser life force, such as a rat, and say in this dream you even dream of other rats, does this make everything you perceive in this dream the product of the mind of a rat? By saying that everything is the product of this finite mind that we perceive as our own is like saying everything is perfect in the state that it is, but even Buddhist declare that this is not so, and that the mind needs to grow and develop to become aware of freedom from all suffering, and in so doing, becoming a different mind. But this is still not the ultimate mind behind everything because even though an enlightened person has escaped suffering every single person that he is “one” with is not, and so there for he is not really free from suffering. So how do you really become free from suffering? You do so by submitting to the true Ultimate Reality behind everything; God. And the only way to do this is to except Him into your heart, for look around at the earth, the trees, and the birds; and see for your selves that this earth was not created from a carnal finite mind of reasoning, greed, and hate that has created the artificial world around us such as our houses, cars, and factories; but an ultimate all knowing mind of Love. Is that not what the Buddhists’ believe as well, that the ultimate source is Love, the Dharma, or what Christians call “The Word of God?” And what is the ultimate display of the God’s Love, but his word made flesh, Himself come down to earth, and given up to our evil hands as a sacrifice for an atonement for our sins. “There is no greater Love then that a man give up his life for his friend” (John 15: 13). I use to be in all this philosophical stuff because it gave me a sense of control of my awareness of life, and it made me feel “comfortable,” but I was not comfortable at all and I was always confused. We could say anything and it could be so, because, “it’s all in our minds!” So why not believe what we want, in what will make us truly happy, to be able to stop searching, and yearning, and always feeling unsatisfied, and just lay it down before God and ask Him; What is Ultimate Reality? I promise you, you will find the most unexplainable amazing peace of your entire life! You think that Buddhism is a wild ride, or even science, wait until you check Christianity out. I feel like I have gone down a rabbit hole and the end of it leads to the Ultimate Reality; the simplicity of Christ, Heaven, none of the fake superficial “deep” love that comes from human emotions with all the hearts and peace signs. No this is an all out, all encompassing, unexplainable Love that nothing can even compare, the Love of Ultimate Reality!

    1. I came to this post accidentally after a long time. I regret on the earlier comments I made. If my comments implied in some way that science & reasoning should be neglected , I’m wrong. because I came to know God more because of those lately. I think I’ve address some issues in buddhism in a wrong way too. Sorry about that. I’m learning every day.

  4. Today I managed to read your article posted in 2008. I am very much new to this website. I would like to comment on your view on worshiping trees and bones and statues. In every religion great leaders( Buddha, Jesus, and Mohammed) Followed two different strategies to sustain their teaching for over long period of time. One strategy for masses and other to people who are more intelligent than the rest. During Buddha’s era people were worshipping trees, mountains and the sun god. What Buddha did was introduced a tree which is Bo tree as the Buddhist tree for them to worship. It is the strategy to gain attention of people in this era. Other strategy is to establish pure Buddhism for people who are really interested in following Buddhism. This two pronged strategy works well upto now in all the religions. Because our ancestors worshiped trees and statues and were carrying the message, today as Buddhists and Christians we are able to discuss and argue and challenge all the teaching of Buddhism, Christianity and Muslim.

    Further your other comments are about theories. Modern science is based on theories and we have come so far believing it. Although most these theories evolve with time and ultimate basis of most of the theories remains the same. Currently quantum science is also quite new and evolving. However scientists are slowly building on this theory and you and I are unable to reject it since we are not scientists. These theories are being built on platforms developed by Albert Einstein and other great scientists.

    However in my mind I am unable to comprehend having existence of a god the creator. When we see new born children with deformities who had done nothing wrong to anyone I cannot believe a God who is so superior and great can be so mean to innocent kids. For me these answers can be easily found in Buddhism. Emptiness, oneness, perceived reality are the core themes of Buddhism. Therefore comparison of science and Buddhism is done very well in this video.

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