FOSS-ed On Wheels Ratnapura @ Ruwanpura National Collage of Education (RNCOE)


Last Saturday, I had this great opportunity to give my support to  ‘Linux Traning  workshop at Ratnapura’ .Event was held at Ruwanpura National College of Education , targeting IT teachers in Ratnapura area.
We (Sagara and Me) started the journey from Colombo at 4.00am and got on to the Ambilipitiya bus at 5.00am.We reached the place at about 9.00am.

Place was a nice, and when we got there,Sucheta, Kunchana and Bikku Metta Vihari had already finished installing Ubuntu and Edubuntu on machines.

After the starting ceremony, I had to give support in laboratory. I basically did hand on to Linux desktop, file system..Etc while other student-set were given a presentations on OpenOffice, Desktop environments..etc.

After the lunch, I did a small introductory speech on ‘OpenOffice Spreadsheet’ and again back to laboratory to do some particles on spreadsheets.

At about 5pm we were able to finish the schedule and went to our crashing place. After having a wash we watched some movies (including American Pie 5: naked mile;, Die Hard 4) while having some beers and at about 12.00pm I crashed to bed.

The sad part is, even though the event was a two day workshop I only had the chance to attend to the first day only. So early Sunday morning me and Sagara packed our gear and headed back to Colombo.

I really enjoyed hanging out with FOSS guys and giving my knowledge FREELY!. I am trying my best to give my support for future events like this.

img_3000.JPG  img_3008.JPG

img_3014.JPG  img_3030.JPG




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