Last King of Scotland


Few weeks back, I watched the movie Last king of Scotland. It has won several awards including “Best Actor (Idi Amin-Forest Whitkaer)” in Academy Awards 2007, Golden Globe Awards…etc. At the begging I thought its more like the other films based on racism like “Hotel Rwanda” and “Shooting Dogs” , but its little more different that than.
When I was watching the film, I realized how much its relate to leaders of our country, (well they don’t eat human flesh like Idi Amin, but they suck their blood).
In the movie, there’s a scene when “Idi Amin” address the people. There he’s giving hope to the people about a developed, prosperous and a unified Uganda. It came to my mind of what our leaders tell us throughout our history. About their fairytales, how they going to develop the country, make our economy strong…
In the movie “Uganda” people reflected the exact way how our people react. How people get fascinated and how they day dreaming about the sweet stories that their Amin told them.
So it’s up to us, to stop the “Idi Amins” who destroying our country, moving our motherland to hell…lets pray that our people will realize this someday…

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